Popular Rolex Watches to Look For


Watches are one of the accessories that can define your personality. And when you are wearing a Rolex it adds a lot to your impression on others. It makes you stand out from the group. Different Rolex watches have their unique features which can add to your personality. You can opt-out any watch depending on your liking and the qualities which that watch offers. Here is a list of popular Rolex watches.


The big idea behind manufacturing the Submariner was to assist people who are more into deep-sea diving. As the name suggests that it is for the people who are underwater mostly. The design was specifically made keeping the scuba divers in mind. It makes the divers monitor the time they have spent underwater. The watch had attained its main goal by attracting many of the divers but was also popular among different sports. Initially, the watch could resist water up to lengths of 330 feet below sea level. The upgrades were made to the model and it now had the water-resisting ability for about 1000 feet below sea level.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 

As the name suggests that this model was named after Daytona that is thought to be the hub of a car racing across the globe. The model targets car racers and is designed for keeping their personalities in mind. The watch appears to be robust and reflects the toughness of the car racers. It’s incorporated with multiple subdials to give a car racer’s look.

Rolex Yacht-Master:

The watch is also water-resistant but is different from the Submariner. It doesn’t have the sporty look; in fact, it appears to be elegant and sophisticated. With prominent hands and easily viewable numbers, the watch appears to be more modern.

Rolex President:

The Rolex President is a combination of elegance and luxury. The watch is covered in gold that makes it look elegant. The design and the dial are simpler and are for people who look for sophisticated watches. The watch holds the elements of class and luxury even with the sophisticated design.

Roles Datejust:

The watch appears to be the first edition that has date mentioned on the dial. The date is covered by a lens that enables you to better view the date. The watch is available in multiple colors and is your choice whether you want the dial to diamond-studded or not. The watch is not limited to one or two occasions, you can wear it almost anywhere.

Rolex Daydate:

The watch holds the feature of reading the day as well as the time. The watch has an elegant design and is plated with gold and platinum to provide the classier look.

Rolex GMT Master:

The watch is typically designed to assist the aircraft operators. It assists them in monitoring the time throughout their journey. You can adjust the time of multiple places on a single dial and it gives you the option to view times of different locations on one watch.

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