Is a Rolex Watch Highly Expensive?


When thinking about the luxurious brands around the world, you would always think of Rolex. People usually associate Rolex with terms such as overly priced and lavish. They might just take a look at the name tag and upon seeing that is a Rolex; they walk past even without asking for its features or qualities. Rolex symbolizes your accomplishments and winning, and for anyone who has got success, he knows that it doesn’t come easily. You cannot afford luxury during your struggle; it is upon reaching success that you have the liberty to opt for luxury. Such is the story of getting a Rolex watch for you.

Price of a Basic Rolex:

Oyster Perpetual is the least expensive Rolex watch you can buy. Saying it as the least priced watch the amount you need to pay for it is still 5000$. One would consider that it is a lot keeping in mind that it is just a watch, but you must realize that Rolex isn’t just a watch. The value it holds is more than just the price you pay for it. As it is at the base of the expensive watches that Rolex has, it is obvious that it won’t be enriched the attractive features like the other expensive watches. But you must realize that it’s still a Rolex that you are wearing and not just an ordinary watch. However, most of the basic features are similar between en expensive Rolex watch and an Oyster Perpetual that means you are not losing a lot by opting for the cheapest one.

Does Rolex Provide You Value for Money?

Getting an expensive watch is a big deal as you are paying a significant amount of money for it. But what if you are getting more than the price you have paid. Not everyone wears a Rolex and this helps you look different to them. The watch illustrates your personality and defines you in front of others.

What about the Pre-Owned Rolex Watches?

Watches like other items also depreciate. Rolex watches are expensive but not when you buy a pre-owned watch. The demand for these watches is ever increasing as they are significantly less expensive than the brand new. Once the owner has got the watch depreciated you can buy that with a lesser amount. What is more interesting is that if you sell it years later, you won’t incur any loss, sometimes you might make a profit too. The value of the Rolex doesn’t depreciate as quickly as a brand new car. It still holds its value after many years.

Affordable Rolex Watches:

The first in the list is Oyster Perpetual which was mentioned earlier. It is known as the entry-level watch and holds a lot of valuable features. The Rolex Explorer is another watch that is known to be rugged and not too expensive. Rolex Datejust 2 is another watch that is designed for multiple occasions. Rolex Submariner is another sporty watch that is stylish as well as not highly-priced.

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