5 Reasons Why Rolex Watches Are So Expensive

The Swiss Rolex brand watches are regarded as one of the most sought after and popular brands throughout the world. They are a sign of envy for some, while others show case is a classic timepiece must have. But they are also known for being overly priced, so what makes them so expensive and different from others? Intricate details and craftsmanship skills go hand in hand in the production of a single Rolex watch. With the increasing demand, they are also easier to imitate. So, the fake Rolex watches are sold in the market at the same price as the original one or less, but a genuine Rolex stands apart from its fake counterpart in many ways. If you have ever wondered what makes Rolex watches so special, then we have assembled 5 reasons why Rolex watches are so expensive:

5 Reasons Why Rolex Watches are Expensive

The prices of each Rolex watch vary considerably with its quality of production, model, and its collection. Listed below are the reasons:

  • 904L Stainless Steel

Rolex watches stand out as timeless, unmatched pieces because of their classic design. It involves the usage of the standard quality 904L stainless steel. This form of steel is sturdy and shinier than a regular 316L steel that is typically adopted by many watchmakers. 904L Stainless Steel is regarded as expensive and hard to produce. Intricate details and craftsmanship skills go hand in hand in the production of a single Rolex watch. So, as a result, they are the only brand to use 904L steel.

  • Research Facility

The brand has various research labs and facilities for the production of new Rolex watches, or testing out manufactured watches. They make sure to employ scientist of high calibre to research extensively on the type of oils and lubricants that are utilized in their equipment.

  • Mechanization

With the increasing demands of Rolex watches each year, the brand makes sure to provide their customers with high quality. Similarly, mechanical watch motions aren’t the cheapest and easiest to make. Even though most watches are polished by hands, the brand has also utilized in keeping robots to do the work.

  • Waterproof testing

Rolex watches are highly water resistant with up to holding resistance until 300 meters. To ensure the watches are water proof, each Rolex watch dive is normally checked under pressure tanks and also in outdoor water. They have built a special pressure tank called COMEX through which they do their testing.

  • Gold Production

Another reason why Rolex is so widely expensive, as it is the only brand to control the production of gold. That is why gold is features one some of the expensive model watches.

Final Word

As the production of watches is elegant, genuine, and the designs are made with precision and intricacy, people prefer to purchase the deluxe Rolex watch. To ensure the incredible quality of their watches, it takes a year to produce a new collection.

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