4 Simple Ways to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Rolex is commonly considered as one of the most significant watch companies throughout history. If you are a watch enthusiast or not, there are chances that you’d heard about the Swiss Rolex brand. The significant amount of Rolex watches that are sold annually attest towards their quality. Being a well-recognized status emblem, turning out more than 700,000 of its timeless pieces, it is one of the most fraudulent watch companies out there too.

When you decide to purchase a Rolex, it is important to consult with an expert first. An expert would help you to identify whether a Rolex is fake or not and give you the required information. The market of fake Rolex watches is increasingly high, where the same replica of the design is sold for a few or higher prices. Some fake Rolex is easy to identify, while others may be difficult. So, listed below are some tips from the Rolex expert to identify a fake Rolex watch:

  1. Due to their quartz dial movement, the cheap fake Rolex are easier to identify. The second-hand lags within the fake Rolex watch, whilst a genuine Rolex seems to have a swift second-hand movement. Even now if you are uncertain about telling the difference between either of the second-hand movement, then remember you shouldn’t hear a ticking sound from a genuine Rolex.
  2. The second method of identifying a fake Rolex is through the watch heft. Usually, the fake Rolex watches are cheaper and made of low quality, while a genuine Rolex is considerably known for being made out of high-quality metal, and weighs more.
  3. After that, glance at the sidewinder. Fake Rolex typically has very common winders to readjust the hands of the minute and the hour. Whereas, a genuine Rolex should have a beautifully carved winder with engravings ad grooves, which are a piece of art in itself.
  4. The last step is to notice that the cyclops lenses across the front of the genuine Rolex magnified the date. That Cyclops lens is difficult to fake, and most of the Fake Rolex watches will miss this stage as the date would remain in the same size.

Final Word

Spotting a fake Rolex on the market shouldn’t be difficult after you have paid attention to these details. The same replica of the iconic designs are sold for a fewer or higher price. So, it is important to check it out with the watchmaker first, so it becomes easier to view the inside movements and machinery of the Rolex and find out if it is fake or not. If you are uncertain about telling the difference between whether the Rolex is fake or not, then remember you shouldn’t hear a ticking sound from a genuine Rolex. The importance of having a real Rolex than a fake one is that it lasts longer, and can be passed down towards many generations. So, always make sure to get it checked out from a Rolex expert.

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